Ultra lightweight ring-type health monitoring of 3.9g or less

Vital Ring

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What is Vital ring?

Made from lightweight and durable titanium material, it can be comfortably worn during sports activities such as running, fitness, or even while sleeping without any discomfort.

Accurate Measurement

Excellent measurement accuracy with close contact of finger arteries

Continuous Measurement

Lightweight and Convenient, Allowing constant 24 hour wearing to make 365days of continuous measurement

Big Data

Observing current health conditions and identifying health abnormalities based on accumulated big data

Team care service

Real-time monitoring of wearers at a distance through Team care services

Daily Health Check

Vitaling is your real-time health guardian.   With just Vitaling, you can monitor and analyze bio-metrics like Heart rate, Oxygen saturation, Body temperature variations, Stress levels, Sleep patterns, and Respiratory rate regularly, even without expensive medical devices.

Heart Rate

measure and store your heart rate every 10 minutes through a PPG sensor. By analyzing heart rate variability from these measurements, Possible to figure out your health status accurately.*A normal heart rate falls within the range of 60 to 100 bpm, and if a high heart rate occurs, it will be shown in red.

Oxygen saturation(SpO2)

By using an infrared optical sensor to detect blood flow in your finger and measure oxygen saturation. (Normal at 95% or above / Risky at less than 90%) Alerts are displayed in orange/red

Respiratory Rate

The PPG sensor periodically measures the respiratory rate.The measured values allow you to determine your exact health status. (Normal: 12 to 20 times per minute) Alerts are displayed in orange/red

Body Temperature

By using a temperature sensor inside the vital ring to measure the change in skin temperature during sleep. (Normal Body temperature: 36.5~37.5°C) Finger skin temperature tends to be lower than body temperature and can be influenced by factors like ambient temperature, circadian rhythms, menstrual cycles, and fever.


Health Big Data(number)

Stress Analysis(number)

App. access(number)

Validation people(number)

Activity Tracking

You can track your steps, calorie expenditure, distance, heart rate in the course of activities like walking and running, all organized and accessible through the app

Sleep Monitoring

Vitaling monitors sleep depth, including light, deep, and REM sleep. It measures body data such as temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, movement, and snoring, all viewable in the app.

Stress Monitoring

Based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), we measure the variability between heartbeats to help you assess your daily stress levels. Check your stress score and find the right time for relaxation. It's automatically measured every 10 minutes.

Nursing Care Using Vital Ring

  • 24-Hour Biometric Signal Monitoring and Analysis
  • Alert Signals Enable Patient-focused Monitoring for Abnormalities
  • Continuous Monitoring of Parents' Health Status in Hospitals/Care Facilities
  • Supporting Team Care Functionality, Allowing Remote Patient Monitoring by Family Members.

Stress Care Using Vital Ring

  • HRV check, Precision Analysis
  • Unexplained Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety
  • Stress Measurement for Emotional Labor Jobs, such as Call Center Counselors
  • Acute/Chronic Stress Progression Management

Sleeping care Using Vital Ring

  • 24-Hour Biosignal Monitoring and Analysis
  • Sleeping time/Stage Analysis
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea Check
  • Utilizing Key Biometrics During Sleep (Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature Fluctuations, Respiration Rate, etc.) for Suspected Hepatitis Screening


Health Check Using Vital Ring Across Various Organizations and Age Groups

Health check via teamcare web-board

Illustrious Professor Lee of Gachon University School of Medicine (on the left) and Chairman Han In-seok, who is currently climbing in the Himalayas, are having their health checked through Vital Ring at the Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Cente

Youth Soccer Team

Health Status Check for Youth players in Their Growth Stage Through Vital Ring

Bucheon City Comprehensive Social Welfare Center

Health Status Check through Vital Ring with Social Workers and Caregivers